Change Where Your Screenshots Are Saved On Your Mac

Taking screenshots on your Mac is suuuper easy.
Command-Shift-3 to take a full screenshot
Command-Shift-4 to snap a portion that you highlight

Being so easy, and constantly sending images to folks to help them out, I take a gazillion screenshots a day. This fills up my desktop in no time, since the desktop is the default location for these things to end up. It’s pretty simple to change where they go, and something I wish I had looked into years ago.

The first step is to create a folder where you want your screenshots to end up. I chose to create a folder called… are you ready??? “Screenshots” on my desktop.

Next, open Terminal. (Spotlight Search, start typing Term…)

Once in Terminal, type the following two commands:

defaults write location ~/Desktop/Screenshots/
killall SystemUIServer

Obviously, you’ll want to change “~/Desktop/Screenshots/” to the location where you want them to go.

Aaaannnndddd you’re done!

If you want to undo this to ensure a nice cluttered desktop:

defaults write location ~/Desktop/
killall SystemUIServer

Good luck!!!

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