Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t love to deal with computer issues and the constant maintenance of systems and software, then YES!

We take on the support burden so you don’t have to. It seems like the more technology helps us to get things done faster, the more time we need to spend maintaining that technology. Operating system updates, software updates, anti-virus updates, anti-malware updates, testing file backup quality, computer firmware updates, networking gear firmware updates… shall we go on? There’s a lot of stuff to constantly ensure is up to date because there are people out there searching for devices that are not completely up to date to take advantage of some security vulnerability. It’s draining. We have systems and procedures to ensure that all of your gear is up to date, and alerts to inform us if something is out of compliance.

Outside of the maintenance part of it all, it’s also great to have someone friendly to call if things aren’t working as expected or if you just have a question on how to perform a given task.

When it is in good repair and still doesn’t perform the tasks you require of it.

While Engineered Obsilecense is a thing, your computer should give you quite a few years of good service. Most of the time, we can get your PC working as if it was new, but sometimes it may just be too old to perform well with a current operating system with all of it’s security updates. If you question wheather your computer is worth fixing, we’ll give you an honest answer. No BS.

There’s no quick answer to this question…

Designing a backup and restoration solution comes down to what your recovery requirements are. There’s a big difference between needing to be back up and running within minutes after a disaster and being able to be down for a few days. We assess your requirements and design systems using on-site and off-site solutions, to create robust backup solutions that are hands-off for the users. We make it hands-off because no matter how good someone’s intentions are, people are always the weak link in making sure that backup procedures are followed flawlessly.

If you’re planning on putting a backup plan in place for yourself, implement both on-site and off-site products, and try to automate them as much as possible.

Short answer: YES!

The days of malicious code authors focusing their efforts on Windows users are long gone. Apple has gained a reasonable percentage of the world’s personal computing market share, which makes Macs attractive to the criminals. Macs are vulnerable to to a host of infections and malicious software, including the dreaded RansomWare. We can help you choose the right protection for you and your Mac.