BITS Email Protection Services

Keep your inbox spam and malware free!

How much time each day do you spend sorting spam out of your business inbox? Probably too much.

Are you concerned about accidentally clicking on an infected attachment and infecting your computer, the computers of your colleagues, and the computers of your customers? I know I am.

Do you have legal requirements to archive your email for 10, 20, 30 years? We can take care of that for you.

Do you have private emails that need to stay private from your computer all the way to the intended recipient’s inbox? We can help with this too.

Email Protection
Email ProtectionAdvanced Threat ProtectionEmail ContinuityEmail ArchivingEmail Encryption

Block 99.99% of Email Threats and Spam
Using our powerful cloud-based spam filtering service you can block 99.99% of spam, viruses and even newsletters (optional) in the cloud before they reach your network, whilst taking control of your business email. Leave your email entirely secure and free up thousands of business hours for your workforce. With our email filtering service, you get complete protection against spam, viruses, malware, phishing, denial of service attacks and data loss for your organization, without the time or expense of managing hardware and software systems. Working with all email servers (including spam filtering for Exchange 2010) and email clients (including Outlook).

Spam Reports
Administrators or users can set spam reports to be delivered as often as they wish, letting users press deliver or whitelist buttons directly from the body of the quarantine report to manage their own junk mail filtering without logging into the control panel.

Advanced Email Content Filtering
Take control of email delivery with our FREE inclusive content filter. Filter inbound or outbound emails to remove attachments or block messages when they contain specific file types or exceed size limits. In addition, you can use our compliance filter to set management rules, such as forwarding emails received from one person or with a specific subject/content to another user. You are in total control of the spam filtering and email filtering.

Automatic Spooling and Delivery
Power Loss? Telecom outage? Snow Storm? Never lose email. If your exchange server is offline for any reason and unreachable we’ll automatically queue messages on our network until it’s back online. Once the server can accept the email, we will automatically deliver it as usual. No stress and no hassle. View the delivery status of the message at any time from the control panel by viewing the SMTP tab.

Advanced Reports and Statistics
Use our statistics area to view reports by customer, domain, user and email direction (inbound or outbound). Reports breakdown emails by clean, spam, infomail (marketing), viruses, rejected or messages stopped as content from your personal requirements or settings Select the date ranges you need and Export our range of antispam reports to .csv files or as PDFs. Report on users that receive the most about of specific email types.

90 Day Logs
Our junk mail filtering workspace lets you view your organizations last 90 days of inbound and outbound emails. Here you can preview messages, sort or filter by multiple headings and export the data to .csv files.

Protection from Targeted Attacks
Using our ATP your business is shielded from targeted attacks including CEO Fraud, Spear Fishing and Whaling. Using conventional approaches, it’s virtually impossible to detect these attacks. However, from the first malicious emails, our ATP uses innovative forensic engines to stop the attack in its tracks. Internal communication is examined by our engines to detect and prevent identity spoofing.

Protection from Ransomware Attacks
Protect your business from the growing threat of Ransomware. With the rapid evolution of malware, typical detection is unable to detect new variants. Our ATP analyzes the behavior of attachments opening them in a variety of sandbox environments. If your attachments are discovered to contain malware, we filter out this email and notify you. Suspicious but unclassified emails are retained for a period of further testing and re-analyzed with updated signatures.

Real-Time Alerts of attempts at Digital Espionage
Digital espionage and data theft are growing threats to commercially-sensitive data. EveryCloud’s ATP forensic engines detect both familiar and new data extraction attempts. This includes metadata and content analysis, spoofing recognition and key-information seeking attempts. ATP alerts you in real time before critical data has left your network.

Protection against Blended Attacks
A blended attack utilizes several angles of attack to avoid detection. For example, an email including a document with a hidden link to a downloadable page containing malware. Standard spam filters are often unable to detect this multi-layer pattern of malware. ATP uses URL target scanning, download sandboxing as well as filtering web calls with URL rewriting to prevent these attacks from taking effect.

Full detail notification reports
Our Real-Time alert notifies you of attacks on your company, allowing you to mobilize internal measures and responses. Ex post reporting (coming soon) lets you know if an already delivered email is later determined to be potentially harmful, including an analysis of the possible extent and countermeasures.

Never Lose an Email
Protect your organization against email loss, by activating Email Continuity. In the event of server failure or a power outage, you can restore up to 90 days worth of historical email to the powerful webmail interface or to your emergency mailboxes. Your staff can continue to work with both new emails sent during the outage and the previous three months of historical email.

Access Your Emails During an Outage
Quickly and easily access and send emails during a continuity event, using our webmail or POP/IMAP account. Our robust interface lets you have all the functionality of a mail client so your organization can continue to work with email as normal until the problem is resolved.

Archive Emails in the Cloud for 10 to 30 Years
Our fully automatic cloud archiving, affordable prices, legal and regulatory compliance, and protection ensure security and peace of mind for you and your business. Our Email Archiving captures and stores 100% of incoming and outgoing emails within your business for up to 30 years. We can even archive internal emails!

Easy Email Access and Audit Permissions
Quickly and easily access and search for archived emails with our intuitive control panel. Search via a full-text index, or with specific keywords, including send/receive date, sender name, subject and more. Grant auditor permissions to enable other users to access emails.

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Automatically protect your communications from being exposed
Our end-to-end encryption service automatically encrypts and signs all of your outgoing emails using the public key of email recipients. It also automatically decrypts incoming encrypted emails. Protect your company communications from hackers, fraudsters, and snoops.

Multiple Encryption Methods
Use TLS, EMIG, DANE, SMIME, PGP or Websafe. Choose to tag the subject, add encryption policy and manage certificates all within our easy to use control panel.

No maintenance or installation required = zero work or headaches
Our Encryption runs on ironclad redundant computer centers so you never have to worry about installing software, maintaining or troubleshooting it. We take care of everything for you and each user is automatically assigned a signature. Need to customize an encryption procedure to deal with things like how encryption should handle recipients who are missing keys? Do it easily on our works-on-every-device control panel.

Web Safe
Use Websafe to enable email encryption even if the recipient cannot receive encrypted emails. The email is made available in a browser with access only available to the recipient.

How much will this cost me?

Pricing for these services is based on actual users annually. We don’t charge for alias email accounts, such as [email protected] or [email protected]. To figure out what it will cost to get all of those spam-sorting hours back for your organization, simply add the annual cost of the desired services below and multiply by the number of real life, human being assigned mailboxes on your domain.

Service Annual Cost
Email Protection $30.76
Email Protection + Continuity $44.86
Email Protection + Archiving $59.46
Email Protection + Advanced Threat Protection $73.50
Email Protection + Archiving + Continuity $86.16
Email Protection + Continuity + Archiving + Advanced Threat Protection $128.90