Complete Computer Care

Professional maintenance for you home computer

We’re excited to unveil a new service for our local residential customers! We’ve created a platform that uses the same tools and alerting that we use for our Business Services clients, but focused on our home computer customers. This is a brand-new product made especially for Bethel IT’s customers who live in Bethel and the surrounding towns.

Every day in our shop, we fight viruses and malware, recover lost photos and important documents, and repair predictable hardware issues. We want to help protect you and your data BEFORE things become an emergency.

Unlike other services, we take an active role in monitoring your computer. If your backups fail several days in a row, we’ll reach out instead of just sending you emails that get ignored. If a virus threat is detected on your computer, we’ll follow up to make sure it’s squashed. If your hard drive is showing signs of failure, we’ll let you know so that we can schedule the repair for when it’s convenient, rather than putting you out of commission for a few days.

With Complete Computer Care, you’ll receive:


$29/per month
Webroot AntiVirus
Cloud Backup
Basic Hardware Monitoring
Discounts on BITS Services


$39/per month
Everything from Basic
Cisco Umbrella Internet Threat Protection
Business Class Hardware Monitoring
One Free Tune-Up or Complete Malware Cleanup Per Year

This offering is currently limited to Windows-based computers, but we’re working on a solution for Macs as well.

Terms of this service are month-to-month, with a three month minimum and will be billed monthly to a credit card.

If you’d like BITS’ Complete Computer Care for your PC, just call us, send us an email, or come on by our shop. Or if you know someone who could benefit from this service, please forward a link to this page along to them. We’d really appreciate it!

service descriptions:

Webroot Antivirus – Managed by Bethel IT in order to provide monitoring of virus and malware threats.

Cloud Backup – All of your important files will be backed up to our secure cloud storage service.

Basic Monitoring – We’ll monitor for common hardware failure predictors so that we can fix the issues before you suffer from extended downtime.

Discounts on BITS Computer Services – Who doesn’t like discounts?!? All of our drop-off services will be discounted for users of our complete computer care service.

Cisco Umbrella Internet Threat Protection – This software resides on your computer and blocks connections to known malicious websites and web servers that threaten your security.

Business Class Monitoring – This is the same level of computer monitoring that we provide to our Business Services clients. We watch for all of the things included in the Basic Monitoring, with the addition of watching for software issues, abnormal memory and processor utilization, and much more!

One Free Tune-Up or Complete Malware Cleanup Per Year! – I think the service name says it all, but here it is. On signing up for the service, we’d like to get your computer in right away so that we can start things off right. Right being with a computer free of malware and working exactly as it should.