Cloud Backups from BITS

Back that thang up!

Are you backing up your data? When was the last time you took a good backup of your computer? If your computer decided to stop working, where would all of your photos be?

Every week we see folks that have computers with damage that prevents them from accessing their files. The worst news to give is that where we can’t easily recover their photos, and the next step is to send the drive out to a costly data recovery firm. This can cost thousands of dollars; costs that come directly from the recovery firms, never from us.

There are a couple of popular philosophies with regard to backing up your data… the “Two is One and One is None” theory and the “3-2-1” theory. Both theories emphasize the need for more than one copy of your data; we’re dealing with machines here, and machines break. If you have an external drive and you regularly back up your data to it, you have a good start. This is basically the 2 is 1 theory. Now, what if something happens to your computer AND the backup drive, like a flood, fire or theft? This is where the 3-2-1 plan comes into effect. 3 copies, 2 onsite, 1 offsite. That offsite copy protects you from catastrophic data loss, and you and your family members won’t be upset because all of the family photos are gone forever.

We offer a Managed Cloud Backup service, directly from BITS! What this means is that we actually watch for backup failures on your devices and call you if we see a problem. We see lots of folks who have cloud backup services, but don’t know that their backups have been failing because the notifications go to their spam email. We mitigate that issue by actually calling you.

We offer Cloud Backup for both Windows PCs and Macs, as well as servers. Our pricing is competitive and fair as well. Just $15/mo. per computer. Server pricing is slightly higher. Give us a call today to get set up, because you never know when your hardware may fail you.

Cloud Backup