Cloud Backup for Synology DiskStation

Secure Off-Site Backups of your Critical Data

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’re finally there! We are now offering Cloud Backup for your Synology DiskStation.

If you’re receiving this, it’s because we have installed or configured a Synology DiskStation for you. You might just call it your ‘server’, but by any name, it’s where you store your important documents and data.

While the DiskStation’s are great at keeping your data available and safe, bad stuff can still happen. Like floods, fires, and theft, to name a few. The best way to ensure that your data isn’t lost forever by any of these tragedies is to have another copy of your data off-site.

In order to make off-site backups another thing that just happens in the background, we’ve created two offerings.

1) BITS Cloud Backup – We’ll configure your Synology DiskStation to back up to our web storage container, ensuring all of your files are encrypted prior to leaving your device. This way, all of your files are sitting in the cloud, completely encrypted, so if anyone ever was to retrieve those files, they would need your decryption code.

2) BITS Private Cloud Backup – Much the same as the previous offering, but your data will be stored on OUR private servers. The only folks that have physical access to our servers are us. And your stuff will be locally available, so if something horrific really does happen, we have direct physical access to your data, so we can get you what you need… right now. No waiting for stuff to download from our cloud server provider.

Pricing for the two options is simple:

  • BITS Cloud Backup – $120/year per TeraByte of data stored
  • BITS Private Cloud Backup – $200/year per TeraByte of data stored

If you think it would be a good idea to have your data stored off-site, just call us, reply to this email, or come on by our shop and we can take a peek at how much data you’re currently storing. Or if you know someone who could benefit from this service, please forward this email along to them. We’d really appreciate it!

BITS Synology Cloud Backup