BITS Backup for
Office 365

Protecting your online data

As cloud collaboration becomes increasingly relied upon in the workplace due to the flexibility and convenience it brings, businesses are also facing the need to own and protect the corporate data created and stored on cloud services. BITS Backup for Office 365 provides a backup solution to help prevent against accidental events and to retain data for compliance reasons, thereby ensuring complete control over company data.

There is a common misconception that data stored in Office 365 is backed up, however, Microsoft only provides hardware infrastructure and related services. Backing up your data is YOUR responsibility.

Comprehensive Office 365 Backup

Back up your Office 365 mail, contacts, calendar, and OneDrive for Business with our backup solution.

OneDrive Data Protection

OneDrive data and the corresponding metadata, such as last modified time and sharing permissions, are both supported for backup.

Contacts Protection

Customer and partner relationships are key to business success. By backing up the contacts on Office 365, BITS Backup for Office 365 helps reduce the risk of losing such assets.

Mail Protection

Data stored in a wide variety of Office 365 mailboxes, such as personal and shared mailboxes, along with their folders, folder structures, and attachments can all be backed up.

Calendar Protection

More often than not, data is deleted only for us to realize that it’s still needed, so start backing up your business events in Office 365 calendars now for unexpected needs.

How do I start backing up my Office 365 data?!?

All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll get you set up right away!


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