We Value

This is the value that we hold in the highest of regards. Without truth, you have nothing. As a client, you can rely on the fact that we will be truthful and honest about the advice and direction that we provide. We will tell you when something is wrong, we will tell you when something is right, and we will never provide a false sense that we are knowledgable in something for which we know we are not experts.


We Value

We hold a very high bar for ourselves. Have we gotten there? Not yet… but we’re constantly working to be better. This comes at a high cost, both monitarily and in time, but every dollar spent and hour consumed makes us more able to give you the support you deserve. We not only demand excellence for ourselves, but we strive to ensure that your tech solutions meet your business needs excellently.


We Value

We speak what is on our minds. If we see something that needs improvement, we’ll call it out. Whether that thing that needs improvement is a piece of technology, a bit of process, or one another, it’s our duty to make it known. Once it’s known, it can be improved and we can reap the benefits of having one more thing off the table that is keeping us from achieving excellence.


We Value

You have worked hard to create the business you have, just as we have worked hard to create the business that we have. We both know it’s been a long road and that we’ve made many sacrifices to get to where we are. The person willing to take the chance will always have our respect, as we expect the respect of others for those chances that we’ve taken..

Our Story

Why Choose Us

Bethel IT Services, LLC is here to help small and home based businesses get ahead. We know how hard it is to handle the day-to-day efforts of owning and operating a small business, let alone deal with what happens when the tools you rely on most are old, corroded or just broken. We are here to remove that burden form your shoulders. You started your own business because there are aspects of what you do that you absolutely love. You should be concentrating on those things, because that is where you excel, that is where you get your drive, that is what creates the excitement and spark to make you the best in your field. Offload the items that you see as chores and burdens to others who find excitement in those things. We are passionate about technology. We are passionate about finding efficiencies through technology. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and how to make your business scream. Let us drive that part of your business for you.

We primarily service Bethel, Danbury, Redding, Brookfield, Newtown and New Milford, but we’re open to traveling further.

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