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As technologists, we spend a lot of time researching and playing with all sorts of nerdy things. We tweak for performance, trying to squeak every bit of speed, usability and reliability out of the things we buy for ourselves. When we work on a client’s computer, network, storage, workflow, etc., we fix and maintain those things just as we do for ourselves. The bottom line is that we do what we love, and that transfers directly to how we treat you and your tech.

Spending too much time managing your business’ computers when you should be working on your business?

Are your office computers working for you? Or are they just frustrating you?

Feel like you’re paying for your current techs to learn on the job?

Tired of paying exorbitant rates for tech support or phone service?

Our Business Tech and Support Services help medium, small and home based businesses with their computers, network, peripherals and mobile devices.

We know you can’t afford down time, so we help mitigate those risks by supplying support and maintenance for your business tech tools. We’re here for everything from the outsourcing of your IT management to helping out with a project or task on a periodic basis. We’ll be upfront and honest about whether we can handle your project, and in most cases, the answer will be yes.

Drop-Off Services

Broken laptop screen?
Computer doesn’t power on?
Everything is way slower than it used to be?
Files missing?
Suffering from malware?
Got a call from “Microsoft” and let them on your computer?

We can help with all of that, and much more!

We know that people put up with poor computer performance, unwanted pop-up advertising, or have computers that just don’t start anymore. In today’s connected world, down time is becoming less and less tolerable. Why put up with the problems? Why let it frustrate you? Just bring your computer by, whether it be Windows, a Mac or Linux based, and we’ll return it to you working like it should in no time.

Most of our services are flat-rate, and we never do anything without your approval.

We even have a complete computer care service where we monitor and maintain your home computer, just like we do for our business clients. As much as we’d love to see you, we don’t want you to HAVE to come in.

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Why Bethel IT?

We have the experience, we’ve partnered with great companies to offer the things in which we are not experts, and we have the drive to be the best in the industry. We’ve heard the complaints about current technology providers and we have a goal to not be lumped in with “the rest of them.” If you feel that we’re not on our game, or we’re failing your expectations, let us know immediately so we can correct the problem. Check out the items below to help you understand a little more about us.

What people are saying...

Awesome, Respectful, down to earth. Chuck came to my business and fixed my camera system. He was a pleasure to work with and explained things in a not so I.T. Way so I could understand what he was doing. Will be using them in the future and recommending them to others!!
Dan M.
The staff was able to retrieve pictures from an old broken Blackberry. I thought the pictures were lost forever. They went above and beyond the call of duty.I am so grateful. I can not give BITS enough praise.
Maria X.
These guys are fantastic. I brought them a computer I assembled a few years ago that I use for playing higher end video games that was starting to fall apart. My computer had been running slow, blue screening and could not run games that I should have been able to play with ease. Bethel IT Services fixed it up quickly and did it for a very reasonable price. My computer runs just as good as it ever has. These guys are the best for IT Services whether you are in need of repairs on a standard home desktop, a gaming pc, or a pc used for coding/IT work. A+++++
Justin D.
Great IT company. I had used them a couple of years ago to make sure my computer was running properly.  I just used them again today and still a great company.  Professional and friendly, with that hometown feel.  They fixed my software issues and the price was right.  Turn around time was fast.  I would highly recommend this company.
Pamela G.
I'm not 'tech savvy' but the staff at BITS always treated me like I have a higher IQ than I do. Always friendly, always helpful and worth every penny.
RW Higgins
Bethel IT Services provides prompt, professional, personal, and courteous service. Chuck Ruiz is the consummate professional providing the most efficient troubleshooting and problem solving without bringing our entire busy law practice to a standstill. We appreciate the honesty and integrity of Bethel IT Services and would highly recommend them to others.
Shirley Lenhard
Law Office of Helen Allen
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Mon - Fri: 9:30 - 6:00

Sat: 11:00 - 3:00

About us

Bethel IT Services provides technical support and services for your business that you’d expect to receive at Fortune 500 companies.

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