Computer Repair

Whether you need on-site repair in your office, or you plan on dropping your personal computer off at our shop, we’ll fix what needs fixin’. We will never try to upsell you on things you don’t need; we’ll fix the problem or recommend options that make sense for your wallet.

Computer Configuration

Did you purchase a new computer and need help getting it set up? We’ll help migrate your files, photos, email, favorites… well, everything you need to get up and running quickly.

Data Recovery

Are you having trouble accessing files on an old hard drive? Do you want to recover your photos from an old PC? We can usually get your stuff back with some basic recovery techniques right in our shop, before yielding to expensive data recovery services.

Custom Computing

Need a computer that has more than what you can just buy off the shelf? We can help design and build custom computers for whatever your needs may be.

Network Design and Support

Does your small business need a network that is reliable? Or do you need support for your existing network? We can help! Our solutions include enterprise class hardware that won’t break the bank.

Endpoint Security

Data security is becoming harder to keep up with every day. We assess your current security stance and will recommend and implement the right solutions for you and your business.

Hardware Purchasing Options

Do you need something “more” than what you can find in one of the Big Box stores? We can help you pick out exactly what you need to suit your needs, and ensure that you get a great price through one of our technology distributors.

Data Backup

How long would it take for you to recover if your computer was to get stolen or your office was part of an unfortunate circumstance. We’ll help you design a backup and recovery solution that will get you back up and running fast.

Business Services

With our network management service, we maintain and monitor your company network. We monitor network traffic and utilization, ensure that your devices are up to date with system software and firmware, ensure proper configuration for VoIP traffic and guest network access, and much more. Pricing: $100 one-time fee for our network monitoring appliance $75/mo. per location (when using BITS provided
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With our server management service, we maintain and monitor your company servers. We perform all of same actions as we do for workstations, plus ensuring that patching happens at a scheduled time (usually off hours) and validate system backup completion and ensure the quality of those backups. Pricing: $100/mo. per server
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With our workstation management service, we maintain and monitor your computer systems. We'll ensure that your systems are up to date with system, security and software application patches and updates, install top-notch antivirus and antimalware software and monitor for threats, monitor overall system health and configure remote control software so that we can assist you when you need it. What
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